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Since Juvetress you can see less and less of my scalp. It is a big difference from before. I have more volume and less scalp showing.

Lilly F.

Age 65

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“I actually enjoy looking into the mirror now. I’m enjoying trying different styles Now I can do anything. I can part it on the left, on the right, in the center, because can hardly see the scalp.”
Lilly F. | Age 65
*Individual results vary.

“I started seeing results within a few weeks. It (Juvetress) didn’t just stop the hair loss, it acutally reversed hair loss. I’m growing new hair in places that I didn’t think I would ever see again.”
Scott K. | Age 47
*Individual results vary.

“I did not feel comfortable dating prior to using JuveTress because of my hair loss and the thinning hair. But in about 7-10 days (after using Juvetress) I noticed significant growth.”
Warren N. | Age 50
*Individual results vary.

“One thing I owe a lot to JuveTress is the dating scene. Boy, now I do look like my picture. I don’t have to hide my bald head with a hat, and actually women have complemented me on my hair.”
Darin R. | Age 55
*Individual results vary.

My bald spot is shrinking, there’s a patch of hair coming in right in the middle.

Scott K.

Age 47