As some men age, they may begin experiencing thinning hair around their temples. If this is you, this does not necessarily mean you will go entirely bald — it may just mean you have a maturing hairline. There are differences when it comes to a mature hairline vs balding pattern.

Before grey hairs or wrinkles appear, one of the early signs of aging in men is a maturing hairline. Is that the same as male pattern balding?

A mature hairline may begin to appear in your early twenties, but it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re going bald. For balding men, there are many early signs of balding and hairline maturation. Read on to learn quick facts to remember if your hair appears to be receding.

Receding Hairline vs Baldness

As some men age, they may begin experiencing early stages of baldness. If your hair is thinning – but the loss of hair is just at your temples, it could simply be the natural maturation of your hairline.

Also, it is normal to see seasonal hair shedding as part of the hair growth cycle. Excessive hair shedding is different. It’s one of the first signs of hair loss, and it can lead to overall hair thinning and baldness.1

Balding: What to Look For

Now, the male hairline naturally changes shape with age. But, there is a difference between normal hairline changes and hair loss through balding. First, you should know that there are three distinct hairlines: a juvenile hairline, a receding hairline, and balding hair loss.

1. Changing Hair Shapes

Juvenile Hairline: This hairline is more or less a straight line across the forehead. It’s seen in young men through the teenage years and into young adulthood.
Mature Hairline: As you age, you may see shedding begin between the center part and the ears in an ‘M’ shape. Thinning at the temples is common.
mature hairline vs balding | JuveTressBalding Hair Loss: If you have a genetic predisposition to baldness, you may notice your hairline extending into classic male pattern baldness. You may have more significant thinning at the crown of your head and your temples. This is male pattern hair loss.2,3

2. Changes in Hair Texture

Another early sign of balding in your twenties is a change in hair texture. Male pattern baldness is caused by a weakening of the hair follicles. During the balding process, hair falls out. It may be replaced by softer, thinner, finer hairs. These thin hairs are called vellus hairs.4

Type of Hair Loss: Hereditary Male Hair Loss

If you have hereditary hair loss in your family, pay close attention to your hairline maturation as you age. Look for thinning hair and changes as early as your twenties to your juvenile hairline.

Talk with your dermatologist about topical hair treatments that can be applied daily to your head.

What Does a Maturing Hairline Look Like?

A mature hairline should not be confused with baldness. If you notice you are losing your hair, keep an eye out for thinning crown hair. If you don’t see that happening, you can assume you have a mature hairline.

A mature hairline usually appears during a man’s early twenties. This is not baldness, but simply a small change (approx 2mm) in the hairline on a male forehead. Sometimes, that shape begins to extend further back on the forehead, and thinning at the top of the head also occurs.5

Is Hair Transplantation a Solution for a Mature Hairline or Balding?

Once you’ve determined that you have true balding signs and not just a mature hairline, there are a few options that may help slow the balding process.

1. Topical treatments can be applied directly to the head that might slow baldness and restore hair growth. This is likely to be the least invasive treatment, and can yield a natural-looking hairline.

mature hairline vs balding | JuveTress2. Hair restoration surgeries are an option, but they’re often expensive, painful experiences. Some research has shown that stem cells have proven to be integral in yielding lasting results. These surgeries often involve restoration of the frontalhairline by improving hair density.6-8

Some people also look to scalp micropigmentation, a form of cosmetic tattooing.

Men and Hair Loss

Although age is only a number, great hair is something every man wants. While you can’t have a juvenile hairline forever, it is possible to have a healthy maturing hairline and manage baldness before it is too late.

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