Not all women are blessed with the hair types they wish for. But in a world where full hair is the ideal, those with naturally fine hair have to find tips and tricks to compensate for the hair texture nature gave them (or didn’t give them, as the case may be.)

Luckily, there are tons of fun options to fake the appearance of fuller hair. These hairstyles range from sophisticated, fancy party looks to casual looks that are perfect for a coffee date or a walk in the park.

In fact, there are so many haircuts and hairstyles to choose from. And if you’re a fashion maven, you can mix up your look every day without ever betraying your secret: that while you look like you have deceptively full locks, you’ve got thin, fine hair.

Haircuts for Fine Hair

Short haircuts can help bring out the bounce in fine hair, especially when that haircut incorporates face-framing layers or choppy textures.

  • A bob, or a pixie cut can help add volume that wasn’t there before.1
  • Highlights, especially when coupled with short, face-framing layers, will help give the appearance of depth and volume.2
  • Women angling for a short look should select hairstyles that frame their face.3
  • An asymmetrical cut forces more hair to one side of the head, which creates the illusion of more body and volume.4

Fine Hair | JuveTressWhile short haircuts for fine hair are usually the easiest and most natural fit, long or mid-length cuts can also work well, although their rules work a bit differently.

  • If you’re seeking a longer style, go for a blunt cut.5
  • Avoid layering with long or mid-length cuts.6
  • Regardless of length, you can’t go wrong with thick, choppy bangs. Thick or asymmetrical bangs draw the eye toward the voluminous hair above the eyes, making an entire hairstyle look thicker and fuller.7

Hairstyles for Fine Hair

While the right short hairstyles for fine hair can complement the right hair texture, they’ll only be effective when paired with proper styling technique. Short hair may seem to offer limited variety, but there are a ton of flattering tricks to add to hair volume at any length.

The key to making short hairstyles work lies in breaking hair up to create the illusion of body.

  • Partial updos are a handy way to preserve the girly, flirty fun of long hair.8
  • Add a volumizing half-bun, or a braid, to help give thin hair more visual variety and hint at a thicker hair texture.9
  • Mix things up with big curls or waves.10
  • Accessories can also add visual variety to all hair types, whether it’s a simple headband, or an eye-catching clip.11
  • Deep parts work for the same reason that asymmetrical cuts work: by piling the majority of your hair on one side of your head, you give it more thickness and body.12

Fine hair is ideal for updos, as it is manageable and will hold its place.

  • Fine Hair | JuveTressA high ponytail, or a low side-ponytail, can help add volume while keeping your hair off your face. Wrapping a loose lock around the ponytail holder will hold the ponytail up and create even more bounce and volume.

Other Styling Tips for Finer Hair

When it comes to styling your fine hair, the key is to protect what you have.

Thin hair can be fragile and brittle if not cared for properly. Breakage will just make matters worse. So, opt for styles that don’t stress your hair too much.

Other than that, the steps to style your hair are simple and easy to remember.

  • Avoid the hair dryer and air dry instead. One of the appeals of short haircuts for fine hair is that they dry so much quicker than longer cuts.
  • No time for an air dry? Towel your hair dry but skip the hair dryer, as heat can damage your hair.
  • Once your hair is clean and dry, break out the curling iron (on the lowest heat setting possible), and use some hair accessories to accentuate the hair texture of your dreams.

Put simply, there’s no end of options for this hair type. So, don’t fret if you don’t quite have the voluminous hair of your dreams. After all, fine, thin hair holds any style well, whether it be curls, waves, or the flat look.

There’s no shortage of cute long, mid-length, and even short hairstyles for fine hair, so any person can find the perfect cut to accentuate their personal style.

Loving Your Fine Hair

While fine hair may, at first glance, appear to be undesirable, it’s also versatile and perfect for styling so long as it gets the right amount of tender loving care. So, love your hair and the possibility it represents.

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