Coloring your hair can be so much fun. But, some people are concerned about the constant use of potentially damaging chemicals on their tresses. The good news is, there are wonderful natural possibilities, especially when it comes to techniques to darken hair color.

So, why not shake things up? It’s fun to reinvent your look.

Here are a few tips to temporarily tint your hair or deepen its color. These techniques can tide you over until you decide you want to head back into the salon.

So, How Can You Naturally Darken Your Tresses?

Well, people have been dying their hair for thousands of years.1

In fact, over 50 percent of adults will use some type of hair dye at one point or another during their lifetimes.

And when you head into the salon or even purchase a box of hair dye at your local drugstore, chances are, you’re loading your hair with potentially harmful substances and chemicals that could cause some real health concerns.2

Of course, those who purchase hair dye can take their pick from hundreds of dye products that contain more than 5,000 different types of chemicals.3

Some of the chemicals involved might be:

  • Alkylphenol ethoxylates
  • Quaternium-15
  • Phenylenediamine (PPD)

In fact, some studies have even found that those who use hair dye products might be at an increased risk of various health concerns. So, the question becomes, “How to darken hair color with natural ingredients?” Can it be done?

Why, yes. Yes, it can.

Techniques to Darken Hair Naturally

Turns out, there are tons of natural hair dye ingredients, too. In fact, all you need to do to find your next hair darkening ingredient is turn to your kitchen pantry.

Before you begin, note that you can test these natural dyes on a few strands before you dye your entire head of hair. Also, if you want a very precise color, this might not be your best bet. Not all of these ingredients will be right for you, it’ll depend on the color you’re looking for, but the following home items could be just right:


Darker Hair | JuveTressWhen it comes to trying to darken hair naturally, henna is the most popular natural hair way to do it. Basically, henna is the powdered leaves of a henna plant. This is one of the oldest forms of natural hair dye, and it’s not only used to color hair but skin, too. Have you ever seen a henna tattoo? Same thing.

Naturally, henna is a deep reddish-orange, so it’s a great hair color for redheads and brunettes. Again, test a small patch of hair to make sure the finished effect isn’t too orange for you. Here’s a tip: Add a little chamomile to tame the orange hue.

All it takes to use henna is a cup of henna powder combined with a couple of cups of lemon juice. Let the mixture thicken for at least 6 hours. Then apply it to your hair, and comb it through. Keep the henna on your hair for 3 hours before rinsing.


Darker Hair | JuveTressAnother excellent ingredient to help darken hair naturally is black tea. This is great because it can help you achieve a darker hue to help mask wily, noticeable greys. If you don’t want to go so dark, try chamomile or rooibos for lighter hair color.

With tea, you’re really just darkening your natural color. It won’t change the actual color of your hair. But the longer you apply the tea, the darker your hair will become.

The longer you leave the tea on your hair, the more noticeable the color will be. You can also try repeated applications. Use at least 4 tea bags per 2 cups of water. And make sure you cool the steeped tea before you apply it to your hair. Then, leave the mixture on your hair for at least 2 hours. For a more dramatic effect, leave the application on overnight (just be sure you cover your hair with an old towel so it won’t stain your bed sheets or pillows).


Darker Hair | JuveTressWho would’ve thought coffee would work in an effort to darken your hair, and even mask grey hair, but it’s great (and it will make your hair smell delicious). Just brew a strong pot of coffee. Make sure you let it cool down. Then, combine the coffee with some conditioner and add a couple more tablespoons of grounds. Don’t be afraid to apply this treatment more than once (initially) for a more dramatic change. Also, for this method to be effective, you may need to leave it in for a few hours.

Beet Juice

Finally, when figuring out how to darken hair, beet juice can add a real vibrant tint to your natural color. Of course, beet juice will lead you to a redder hue, but this can be gorgeous on blondes, brunettes, and natural redheads.

Darker Hair | JuveTressTo tame the color, you can even try adding a little carrot juice. Note that beet juice will dye your clothes, so be careful, and wear something old you don’t care about. It won’t wash out of fabric.

Add the beet juice (about a cup) to a little coconut oil, and apply the mixture to your hair. Let the mixture sit for 2 hours. Then rinse. Again, you can try this a few times until you achieve the color you’re looking for.

Last Minute Notes…

You’ll want to avoid hot water after you’ve applied your natural dye — hot water can cause the color to fade more quickly. So, rinse your tresses in lukewarm water to make the color last. Once you figure out how to darken hair naturally, you want to keep our gorgeous color as long as possible.

Also, recognize that it could take a few tries to figure out which method and ingredient (and how much of it) works for you. But rest assured, the trial and error is worth it — you’ll be doing something good for your hair. And while you may not be able to completely change your natural look, you’ll be able to keep your hair healthy and potentially hide those sneaky grey hairs.

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