Did you know that only two percent of the world’s population has green eyes? So if you’re one of them… congrats! You’re quite the rarity in the beauty world.1

In fact, when it comes to beauty, uniqueness is key. Think of Kate Moss’ gapped front teeth… or Tyra Banks’ gorgeous skin combined with her beautiful green eyes. You see, highlighting what’s unique about you is a great way to celebrate your individuality and unreplicable beauty.

Hair Color For Green Eyes | JuveTressSo if you’re looking for a way to make your green eyes really “pop,” try choosing a hair color that makes your eyes stand out.

As you may already know, red is the complementary color to green. So, a red hair color will make green eyes pop the most.

But don’t rush into your stylist’s chair just yet! When you’re choosing a hair color for green eyes, it’s important to keep the big picture in mind — and choosing the right shade for your skin tone is essential.

Not sure what skin tone you have? Not to worry. We’ve created a hair color for green eyes “cheat sheet”  that takes your specific skin into account.

(Be sure to keep this handy when you make your next hair appointment!)

If You Have: Cool Skin

Not sure whether you have cool skin? Here are some clues to help you find out:

  • When it comes to green eyes, cool undertones tend to have a more bluish tint.
  • Cool skin tones tend to be more common with light, pale skin.
  • If you have cool undertones, the veins on your wrist are likely to appear blue, not green.
  • You have hints of blue and pink in your complexion.
  • You tend to look good in silver jewelry, as opposed to gold.

If you have cool skin, gravitate toward cooler hair shades.

Reds: Dark burgundies and violet reds are great choices.
Blondes: Platinum, champagne, and pale blonde play well with cool-toned skin.
Browns: Ashy or chestnut browns look natural on cool tones. You can also opt for some drama by going for brown-black, or even jet black.

If You Have: Warm Skin

Hair Color For Green Eyes | JuveTressYou might have warm undertones to your skin — here are some ways to tell.

  • You have more hazel eyes, as opposed to blue-green. Hazel eyes have a light brownish tint to them and may contain gold flecks.
  • Warm undertones tend to be common on medium to dark, deep skin tones.
  • The veins on your wrist will appear greenish, instead of blue.
  • Your complexion has hints of yellow, peach, and apricot.
  • You tan easily. (But that doesn’t mean you should neglect sunscreen!)
  • You tend to look good in gold jewelry, instead of silver.

To highlight your warm skin, here’s some ideas for hair color for green eyes:

Reds: Rich auburn and copper reds look natural on warm skin.
Blondes: Beige, honey and golden blonde will bring out the gold in your green eyes.
Browns: Toffee and rich golden brown will accentuate peach tones.

If You Have: Olive Skin

Olive skin also has some warmth to it — but there are a few differences. Here’s how to know if you have olive skin:

  • You have hazel eyes, not blue-green.
  • The veins on your wrist appear green.
  • Your complexion has shades of yellow and green (hence the term “olive skin”).
  • You rarely burn in the sun.

So, which hair color for green eyes should you go for when you have an olive skin tone?

Blondes: Caramel, honey, and champagne shades are beautiful on olive skin.
Browns: Golden, butterscotch, and warm, deep browns look natural on olive skin.
A Note about Reds: Unfortunately, olive skin doesn’t often take well to red hair. Red will bring out greenish tones in the skin — something to avoid.

If You Have: Fair Skin

Fair skin tends to be quite delicate and has a translucent quality. Here are some clues that you have fair skin:

  • You have light green or blue-green eyes.
  • You burn easily in the sun.
  • You have both blue and red undertones in your complexion.
  • The veins on your wrist tend to be quite visible — and could be blue or green.

If you have fair skin, it’s important to strike a balance — so be sure to determine whether your complexion has more of a cool or warm undertone.

Here’s a few hair color for green eyes ideas to consider when you have fair skin:

Reds: Skin with warm undertones actually looks very natural with many shades of red. Go ahead and experiment!
Blondes: The fairer you are, the lighter you can go with your hair. Try platinum, icy, and champagne blondes.
Browns: Ashy browns and cool chestnuts are great for fair skin with blue undertones. Golden brown and auburn works well with more ruddy undertones.


Dying your hair can be damaging — so be sure to go to an experienced colorist.2 You may also want to take extra measures to protect your hair when it’s colored. Deep conditioning, protecting your hair with a thermal protection spray, and using good quality products can help keep your hair in good shape while it’s dyed.3,4

Making Green Eyes “Pop!”

Hair Color For Green Eyes | JuveTressWhether your have hazel eyes flecked with gold, or green eyes that look like emeralds, finding the right hair color can make them stand out.

So when choosing a hair color, be sure to take into account your skin tone (including undertones) and the shade of your eyes.

And why not dab on a little mascara while you’re at it? Now those eyes will really stand out!


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