Sometimes, choosing a hair color that’s not quite the best for your eyes can make you seem a little more invisible. But, when you’ve got a great hair tone that works with your eye color, you’ll feel like the most stunning, confident version of yourself. So, what is the best hair color for brown eyes?

What Is The Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes?

The eyes are the window to the soul, right? They’re also, usually, the first thing you notice about a person when you’re meeting for the first time. Your eyes let those you love know how you’re doing. They can read you by simply peering into your gaze… so you want to make sure your eyes pop — and that you don’t do anything to mute their power.

So, let’s start with your eyes.

Are they a rich, dark brown or a lighter caramel? Or is there some green in there? Grab a mirror and take a good look. Getting specific about your eye color can really help when determining the best hair color for brown eyes.

Rich, Dark Brown Eye Color

If you’ve got dark brown eyes, you’ll want to highlight them with a darker hair tint. You can add a little brightness to your hair color with highlights — this will help bring out the lighter specks in your eyes, making them pop and shimmer.

As far as highlights go, blonde, golden yellow, or even a reddish tint can add a lot of dimension to your hair, and your overall look.

Light Brown and Hazel Eye Color

Best Hair Color Brown Eyes | JuveTressNow, if your eyes are a lighter brown, caramel, amber, or more of a golden hue, you’ll want to shoot for cooler hair tones — don’t be afraid of black, deep brown, or even blue and grey hair color.

These cooler shades can work wonders to make hazel eyes really stand out and grab some attention. And keep in mind, blonde highlights in brown hair can pick up the lighter shades in light brown eyes, making them pop.

Not sure if cooler shades will work with your light brown eyes? Ask a professional. A hair colorist can help you figure out if cool hair tones (or highlights) will work well with your eye and skin tone color.

Natural Hair Color

Of course, you won’t want to make any decision without taking your natural hair tone into consideration. It’s tougher to color darker hair. And if you use too many chemical treatments, you’ll likely damage your hair. So, shoot for more natural ways to color your hair, if you can. Or, try to pick longer lasting hues, so you don’t get stuck recoloring every few weeks.

If your natural hair color is a lighter shade, it will be easier for you to shift the color and usually, the color will stay a little longer.

But hair color isn’t the only way to make those beautiful brown eyes stand out.

You can also dress for success here. If you find yourself wearing warmer tones — oranges, reds, and golds — you can opt for darker shades when it comes to changing your hair color.

However, if you prefer to wear cooler tones — greens, blues, and purples — you’ll want to pop that color with some more dramatic hair colors. Think extreme ends of the spectrum… bright blondes, deep browns, and even black.

Color Testing the Best Hair Color for Brown Eyes

Best Hair Color Brown Eyes | JuveTressOf course, you can try coloring just a few strands and holding them close to your eyes to see what the color does for you. But, you can also test different colors by simply holding up a scarf, blouse, or article of clothing that’s close to the color you’re considering. If you like the way it looks next to your eyes, chances are, it’s a color that could work for your hair.

And these days, all bets are off when it comes to hair color. Pinks, blues, greys, and stark whites are all quite fashionable.

If you’re a little more conservative, simply highlight your natural hair color with some distinct coffee or amber highlights. The bronze sheen will work really well to compliment your peepers.

Colors You May Want to Stay Away From

Now, there are a few colors you may actually want to ignore. Your hair colorist will generally know which colors you should walk away from, but a good rule of thumb is to keep cooler hues away from warmer skin tones.

In the End…

You’ve got a lot of options to highlight your brown eyes. And experimenting is fun. So, try a few different styles until you settle on what’s right for you.

Again, your eyes tell your loved ones who you are… so take them into consideration when choosing how to style and color your tresses. You’ll know what makes you look — and feel — fabulous. Trust yourself. And enjoy expressing your unique vision through your fashion and hair color choices.

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