When it comes to looking your best, it’s essential to consider your skin undertone when deciding on the best hair color for your complexion. But eye color is equally important.

So, whether you’re thinking about playing around with some subtle highlights, or completely overhauling your tresses, you should know what colors will make those baby blues pop!

When it comes to the best hair color for blue eyes, it’s best to look at both skin tone and eye color together, because blue eyes can come with a variety of different skin undertones. Some people with blue-eyes have cool, fair complexions, while others will have much warmer, olive tones.

So, what is the best hair color for blue eyes?

Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes with Cool Skin Tones

best hair color for blue eyes | JuveTressIf this is your tone, you can get away with the kind of dramatic, cool blonde shades that some people only dream about pulling off. As well as some other rather striking colors:

Icey blonde shades go perfectly with light eyes and cool skin tones – think platinum blonde or cool ash blonde. But blondes don’t have all the fun…

→ Chocolate browns are stunning on blue eyes, while jet black hair can look otherworldly and make a huge impact. If you dare.

Red hair pairs exceptionally well with blue eyes and cool skin tones, as many natural redheads have very pale skin and eyes. You really have the freedom here to try out any shade of red that you like – from strawberry blonde to dark auburn to traffic-stopping scarlet.


best hair color for blue eyes | JuveTress


Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes with Warm Skin Tones

Warmer skin tones often look better in gold jewelry, instead of silver. Now, jewelry may seem a little random when talking about hair color, but it’s actually a key way to determine your skin’s undertone. Warmer skin tones also tend to naturally tan in the summer and will radiate beautifully against warmer colors of clothing.

Your best hair colors look a little like this:

best hair color for blue eyes | JuveTress Blonde highlights on warm skin with blue eyes work best in shades of caramel or cognac. If you prefer a lighter shade of blonde, visible roots will help you to carry this off. Warm highlights around your face are great if you have a darker skin tone because they lend a sun-kissed, California vibe to your look – especially in the summertime.

Rich Browns are very complimentary for those with blue eyes and a warm skin tone. Rich, dark shades look gorgeous, especially against olive complexions with blue eyes. Opt for a single shade of rich, dark brown for plenty of exotic depth.

Opt for cinnamon or copper reds, dark auburn or rich burgundy to really make those blue peepers pop. It’s best to avoid lighter shades, like strawberry reds and oranges, as these don’t tend to flatter your coloring as well.
best hair color for blue eyes | JuveTress


Final Thoughts: Best Hair Color for Blue Eyes

Ultimately, no matter what shade of baby blues you have, or your skin tone, you’ve got a lot of choices when it comes to your hair color. Don’t be afraid to experiment, especially with a trusted hairdresser. This way, you’ll be able to find your perfect shade and create an impact wherever you go!

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