The truth is, there’s nothing like a blowout to give your hair volume, smoothness, and bounce. It’s a polished look that can make you feel like you’ve got the world on a string. But the hard truth is that your hair pays a high price for regular blowouts. Blow drying with heat damages the surface of your hair – leaving you more vulnerable to hair breakage, dryness, and split ends.1

You’ve probably spent years of your life with your hand attached to a hair dryer, trying to tame your locks into submission. Wouldn’t it be nice to forego the morning fuss of the blow dryer and enjoy a second cup of coffee instead?

Perhaps it’s time to swear off the dryer for a bit – to give your hair (and wrist) a break – and say hello to air-dried hair instead.

And if you’re concerned that air-drying will only lead to frizz, dullness, and shapelessness – don’t be. With a few tips and tricks, you can get a perfectly air-dried look.

Detangle in the Shower

washing hair waterIf you’ve got hair that’s prone to tangles, it’s important to get those knots out before you start air-drying. So don’t wait until you’re out of the shower to start detangling. Detangle in the shower while your hair is still wet – specifically, while it’s soaking in conditioner. All that moisture and slipperiness will help protect your hair from any tugging or tension. Always use a wide-tooth comb, and start from the bottom of your hair – to avoid exacerbating any existing knots.

Say “Toodle-loo” to Terry Cloth

Aggressively rubbing wet hair with a terry cloth towel will contribute to tangles and frizz, and may even lead to a full-on pouf. So, trade in your terry cloth for a microfiber towel. The small fabric particles of microfiber will be easier on your tresses. And avoid harsh rubbing. Instead, gently blot and dab excess moisture from your hair until it’s no longer sopping wet.

Keep Frizz At Bay With a Leave-In Conditioner

One of the biggest culprits when it comes to frizzy hair is a dry, porous hair shaft. Desperate for hydration, dry, damaged hair will allow the cuticle to lift in order to get moisture from the outside air. This swells the hair strand, resulting in frizz.2 And yes, this can happen while you air dry.Air-dried Hair | JuveTress

But a good leave-in conditioner will trap moisture, preventing the hair cuticle from lifting and frizzing out.3 The result? Smooth, soft, and manageable air-dried hair.

Another bonus? A leave-in conditioner can temporarily seal split ends, giving the ends of your hair a fuller, healthier look.4 Thick, coarse hair may benefit from a heavier leave-in conditioner. But if your hair tends to be on the thin, fine side – look for a lightweight formulation to keep hair from being weighed down.

Use a Curl or Wave-Defining Cream

With a blowout, you’re often working against your natural texture to get a smooth, straight look. But to get great air-dried hair, you’re going to want to work with your natural texture. So, if you have naturally wavy or curly hair – emphasize it.

Most wave and curl creams are designed for air-drying, and will compliment a natural look by adding smoothness, shine, and definition.

Twist Your Hair

To really take your wavy and curly hair game to the next level – twist your hair. After applying product, gently twist one-inch sections of wet hair into a spiral. And if you like, you can add clips at the roots for a little volume at the crown.

Twisting probably won’t work if your hair is naturally stick-straight, but wavy-haired girls: Give it a try!

Leave Your Hair Alone!

You’ve probably been conditioned for years to think that constantly manipulating your hair will encourage it to, well, behave. After all, blow dryers, curling irons, and hair spray are all about hair manipulation. So it’s totally natural for you to be tempted to run a comb or your fingers through your hair while it’s drying to coax a little smoothness and shape.

But touching your hair will actually work against you. Playing with your hair as it air-dries will only lead to frizz and the disruption of your natural curl or wave pattern.

So, here’s the formula: Apply product, part your hair where you want it to fall, twist it (if desired), then – let it be. Yep – it almost seems too easy to be true. But this is how air-dried hair works!

Air-dried Hair | JuveTress

Easy, Natural Air-Dried Tresses

You don’t need a blowout to make your mane presentable. With the right products, and the right approach, you can air dry your hair to natural perfection. Not only will you have time for that second cup of coffee – you’ll also be on your way to a healthier head of hair.


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