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Get the gorgeous,

fuller-looking hair


Get the gorgeous,

fuller-looking hair


How does JuveTress work?

The secret is in the active ingredient REDENSYL®, an award-winning blend of polyphenol-rich natural extracts that help the body “re-awaken” aging hair follicles.

You see, as we age, the stem cells in our hair follicles slow down causing hair to appear thinner and drab.

But REDENSYL® helps give your hair follicles the nutrients they need to kick back into high gear… making maximum hair revitalization possible again.

The result? Hair that looks thicker… denser… healthier… and more youthful than it has in years!





What our customers are saying

Success Stories

“One thing I owe a lot to JuveTress is the dating scene. Boy, now I do look like my picture. I don’t have to hide my bald head with a hat, and actually women have complemented me on my hair.”
Darin R. | Age 55
*Individual results vary.

“I actually enjoy looking into the mirror now. I’m enjoying trying different styles Now I can do anything. I can part it on the left, on the right, in the center, because can hardly see the scalp.”
Lilly F. | Age 65
*Individual results vary.

No expensive

I’m Happy!

I’m a doctor, so science and objective results matter. The theory and science made sense to me – I bought six months. I wanted to give this a fair trial.

My hair on top has always been thin, poor texture, wispy like cotton candy. I have used [Product Name Removed For Privacy] for years – not much grew back, but no more was lost, and that wasn’t good enough for me.

This product so far has changed the texture of my hair – thicker, longer, substantial healthy. I’ve actually received compliments the past couple of weeks about how great my hair looks. I’ve noticed and so have others.


Gerard B.

*Individual results may vary

Exceeded expectations

Skeptical would be the best word to describe my feelings when ordering this product, but I can honestly say that this exceeded my expectations. I have recommended this product to all of my follically-challenged family and friends.


Steve R.

*Individual results may vary


This product is absolutely amazing! It’s everything and more. Before I start using JuveTress revitalizing hair therapy, my hair was thin and lifeless always breaking/falling out.

Truth be told, after using this product, my daughter told me how thick and full my looks. I was so elated. Oh, and these guys got me stuck in drinking a glass of water on an empty stomach first thing in the morning. Thank you, thank you, thank you!



*Individual results may vary

I can see a difference!

I can really see a difference in my thinning hair. It looks thicker and my hair seems to be growing faster and thicker. I see a lot of new short hairs. I feel better already about myself.


Dorothy M.

*Individual results may vary

Three months on JuveTress!

When I ordered JuveTress I did not expect any results as over the years I have used many different products, none of which have ever done anything to help my hair look better. I am in my seventies and was told by my dermatologist that my hair’s problem is hormonal and that nothing can be done about it.

However, from…using JuveTress my hair has LOOKED better… it falls out a lot less than before, and my hair actually has body now. I am happy every time I look in the mirror. Because of these results, I already have recommended JuveTress to several friends.


Phil S.

*Individual results may vary

Meet Dr. Hal Weitzbuch

Dr. Hal Weitzbuch is an award-winning, board certified dermatologist. After growing up in Calabasas, California, Dr. Hal went east to pursue his dream of becoming a doctor. He obtained a degree in Biomedical Engineering from Northwestern University, then earned his medical degree at the prestigious University of Chicago Medical School.


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